For testing purposes I like to reset all user passwords to 123.

Is this possible in Drush or SQL? I guess the query will be someting like this but cannot find the exact yourhash:

UPDATE `<mydatabase>`.`users` SET `pass` = '<yourhash>' ;

Can I run the final query with drush?


Yes, you can do this using Drush, with following steps (e.g.):

1.Generate a password hash using following command:

$ cd [/var/www/html/drupal7]
$ php scripts/password-hash.sh '123'

2.Now run following drush command:

$ drush sql-cli
mysql > UPDATE users SET `pass` = 'pasted_big_hash_from_above' WHERE uid > 1;

Update pasted_big_hash_from_above with password hash generated using php command in step #1.



Query can be done in Drush with:

drush sql-query UPDATE `users` SET `pass` = '$S$DM7xrCBIKOrShBhgb1eUkpPlnnAq36QKIlMfdkKhvaTS2iv0PuJ3'
  • This hash corresponds to 123 for the specific site only. Jul 13 '18 at 18:31

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