I have a content type with few required fields. When I try to save a node without filling any data, all the required fields throw an error message saying the field is required, but the required fields aren't highlighted in red. Only the select fields are highlighted; date fields or text fields aren't.

enter image description here

This is happening when I use the Zero Point theme (version 7.x-4.10).

How should I proceed with troubleshooting?

  • Hi @kiamlaluno, please let me know if you need more information. – Maddy Aug 31 '17 at 23:49
  • Hi, any suggestions/ tips on this please? – Maddy Sep 6 '17 at 2:12

This was because of CSS overwritten by Zero Point theme, added more classes in my custom CSS file:

    /* .form-item input.error, */
    .form-wrapper .fieldset-wrapper .form-item input.error,
    .form-item textarea.error,
    .form-item select.error {
            border: 2px solid red;

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