On a fresh Drupal 8 installation, I installed the WP Migrate module. I downloaded a snapshot of the WordPress database on my local machine, edited the settings.php file, and added the following after the default database:

$databases['migrate']['default'] = array (
  'database' => 'mylocaldb',
  'username' => 'root',
  'password' => 'root',
  'prefix'  => 'myprefix_',
  'host' => '',
  'port' => '8889',
  'namespace' => 'Drupal\\Core\\Database\\Driver\\mysql',
  'driver' => 'mysql',

When I run drush migrate-manifest modules/migrate_wordpress/manifest_wordpress.yml --legacy-db-url=/Applications/MAMP/Library/bin/mysql://dbuser:dbpwd@ --legacy-db-prefix=mywpprefix_ -vvv, I get the following error:

Undefined offset: 4 Database.php:212
Undefined index: source NoSourcePluginDecorator.php:39
Undefined index: driver Database.php:364
Driver not specified for this database connection: migrate

On another Drupal 8 installation, I installed the WordPress Migrate module. While I was able to upload XML files, the module is still not ready and it does not migrate paths and categories.

How do I fix those errors?

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