Trying to set Allowed number of values always to be 1 and not allowing multiple values for a custom Drupal 8 field. How to do that? Do I need a form_ID_alter or a storageSettingsForm/defaultStorageSettings implementation?

I see this field is not included in the storageSettingsForm $form or parent::defaultStorageSettings()

Not sure if the best way is to set it as configuration or alter the form. Is there an annotation for this or something? Any example module that does this?


  • This is also something I was looking for. I found a thread about this issue in Drupal.org (can't find right now sorry) and they are working on it. Maybe will be part of Drupal 8.4. As for myself: I didn't solve it yet. – ssibal Sep 7 '17 at 6:35

Problem solved in 8.4.0 :)

Full list of changes

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