How do I get just Drupal 8 core using drupal-composer?

This would be very useful for core development and starting a new project without any assumption.

  • You can use composer require drupal/core to have composer fetch Drupal core? (Given that you create a composer.json file with the repository information first.) The drupal-composer project is intended to be an all-in one solution, meaning that it includes drush, console, etc. If you just need core, you do not need the drupal-composer project. – Neograph734 Sep 6 '17 at 14:02
  • Neograph is correct. drupal-composer, Acquia BLT, Docker4Drupal etc are all designed as accelerators to creating projects for Drupal 8 (which include the core), but contain a lot of tweaks and architectural changes to make it manageable in a modern environment (vs getting the tarball from drupal.org). – Kevin Sep 6 '17 at 18:32

Sounds like you want drupal-console. This tool can quickly create working Drupal 8 sites interactively or via command line. More info here.

Another quick alternative is to use DrupalVM and Varnish to spin up a fully working D8 site. The DrupalVM defaults are to create a D8 sandbox site.

I believe that DrupalVM now has Docker support so you might be able to have a single VM and just spin up a new D8 box.

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