I want a time/date format in a View that renders like this when a time ends in :00
Sep. 16, 2017 - 2pm

BUT, renders like this only if minutes are present:
Sep. 16, 2017 - 2:30pm

Currently, I use this format: M. d, Y - g:ia but I need a way to make those zeros disappear when an event starts at the top of the hour.


you can use views conditional module, from module page:

Views Conditional is a simple module that allows you to define conditionals (if xxx then yyy) with fields in views. Conditions include: Equal To Not Equal To Greater Than Less Than Empty Not Empty Views conditional allows you to output text based on the result of the condition.

and here is a tutorial how to use it, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIyZV_Hhccw

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  • This seems to be an acceptable solution in this instance. My view is setup like this: -Date Field 1 (M. d, Y - g:ia) [hidden field] -Date Field 2 (M. d, Y - ga) [hidden field] -Views Conditional: If Date Field 1 contains :00, render [Date Field 2] else render [Date Field 1] My view is complicated by some dates having end times as well, but I think I can build something that works. – Tantalus Sep 6 '17 at 18:04

A bit of a cludge but if your output allows simple html, you can write a format that includes a span around the colon and minutes and use the minutes as a class. Then hide the span if it's 00. E.g.

M. d, Y - g<\s\p\a\n\ \c\l\a\s\s='\m\i\n-i'>:i<\s\p\a\n\>a

Then css of

.min-00 { display: none; }

I've done this with dates to produce over/under large date/small month displays. If it's coming from a view, you may need to check the allow html option on the field.

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  • 1
    Best hack I've seen in ages, bravo – Clive Sep 6 '17 at 17:04

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