I want to export some data from test_records table depend upon supplied from date and to date. I from and to date not supplied I want to export whole data. So how I can achieve that. Below is my code.

$from_date = strtotime($form_state['values']['fromdate']." 00:00:00");
$to_date   = strtotime($form_state['values']['todate']." 23:59:59"); 

$result = db_select('test_records', 'n')
      ->condition('submitted_time',  array($from_date, $to_date), 'BETWEEN')

I am using one condition that will compare submitted_time in database with supplied from and to dates. But When I pass nothing, it should get all the data from that table. Any suggestion will be appreciated.

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I'm not sure if you can add if statement to a query but as you already have the values of $form_state['values']['fromdate'] and $form_state['values']['todate'] you can just add an if statement. If those two don't have values then execute a different query without the condition('submitted_time', array($from_date, $to_date), 'BETWEEN') condition.

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