I'm using the config split documentation to exclude dev module configuration on my site.

I made a configuration split that blacklists the following modules:

  • Devel
  • Kint
  • Field UI
  • Menu UI
  • Views UI

I then edited settings.php so that this config split is active on my dev environment but not my test or prod environments:

  elseif ($_ENV['PANTHEON_ENVIRONMENT'] === 'dev') {
    // Enable dev modules.
    $config['config_split.config_split.dev']['status'] = TRUE;

In the UI (/admin/config/development/configuration/config-split), the Status of the config split on the dev env is active (overwritten).

However, when I close the database from live and run drush cim on dev, the dev modules are not installed,

I am guessing this is because config/core.extension has the dev modules disabled. However, I want them disabled in this file because if they are enabled, the modules will also be enabled on production. So what am I supposed to do to get the dev modules imported on dev?

If I log in as an administrator and change the config split to TRUE in the UI, then run drush cim, the dev modules will be enabled. However, when I run drush cim again, the dev modules will be uninstalled again, so this doesn't work, either.

The documentation says: These settings need a cache clear when overridden in settings.php and the split needs to be single imported before the config import for new values to take effect.

I did the cache clear, but I don't know how to single import the config with Drush.

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