I'm having 1 field in a taxonomy = 'features' of type image. Image storage location is set to s3.

I have written a hook_form_alter for form_id = article (article is the content type) where I have created an image field like:

$form['image_dir'] = [
    '#type'                 => 'managed_file',
    '#upload_location'      => 's3://s3-bucket',
    '#multiple'             => FALSE,
    '#description'          => t('Allowed extensions: gif png jpg jpeg'),
    '#upload_validators'    => [
      'file_validate_is_image'      => array(),
      'file_validate_extensions'    => array('gif png jpg jpeg'),
      'file_validate_size'          => array(25600000)


Now in my form submission, I'm trying to save/map this image into my term image field (field_vocab_image) . For this, I'm trying something like:

$term = Term::create([
    'name' => $term_name,
    'vid' => 'my_vocab_name',
    'field_vocab_image' => $img,
  $inserted = $term->save();

where $img = $form_state->getvalues()['image_dir']; this image is coming from the custom field created in hook_form_alter.

Above code is successfully saving term name but when I go to edit term , image field is empty. Image is not getting mapped.

  • Is field_vocab_image allowed to save to an external file system rather than just private or public? I'm surprised that a field validation error isn't occurring. There is also drupal.org/project/s3fs, which will enable s3 storage saving for image fields. – mradcliffe Sep 13 '17 at 11:22
  • field_vocab_image is already configured to store images in s3 bucket. so I go to add term page and upload image to this field, it is storing image successfully to s3 bucket. I just need to programmatically store images to this already configured s3 field_vocab_image field. – Sugandh Khanna Sep 13 '17 at 11:37

An Image type field should contain a file fid of an image file. The following should resolve your issue:

$img = $form_state->getValue('image_dir');

if (!empty($img['fids'])) {
  $img = reset($img['fids']);

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