I want to write an implementation of EventSubscriberInterface for an event in commerce, there is a handy example, but

  1. How do I find out what events are available (as a whole for my site) and/or
  2. How do I know what events are getting hit on a request?

This question is not specific to the commerce module, it is just the context of my current problem.

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    Sep 14 '17 at 9:36

You can simply use the Drupal console.

List all the events that could be debugged:

drupal debug:event

drupal dev

Show the information for the specific event, for example "commerce_order.commerce_order.update":

drupal dev commerce_order.commerce_order.update


I was stumped by this for a while, so I was pleased to find an answer in the Devel module

Install the Devel module and look at the toolbar menu item:

"Events info" which links to /devel/events

So for the commerce events I can see the following:

Callable    Priority
Drupal\commerce_order\EventSubscriber\OrderReceiptSubscriber::sendOrderReceipt  0

Drupal\commerce_cart\EventSubscriber\OrderEventSubscriber::finalizeCart 0
Drupal\commerce_order\EventSubscriber\TimestampEventSubscriber::onPlaceTransition   1
Drupal\commerce_order\EventSubscriber\OrderNumberSubscriber::setOrderNumber 2
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    Thanks @Duncanmoo, today you saved my life!!! Aug 6 '19 at 8:32

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