At the outset thanks you all for not assuming that I do coding. My question is related to my very simple and a first-timer's website http://enconengineers.in/ written in Drupal-8 with Zircon theme. While checking my Content with Yoast SEO module, it asks for "Focus Keyword" for the H1-Tag. It also red-flags about missing H-2 Tag. My query is does Yoast SEO automatically put the focus keyword as a H1-Tag in the content?

If not, shall appreciate if anyone can share the Steps/ways/setting-processes using which I can globally (for my website) define H1-Tag (which will always be a keyword (different for each content) in each content's Title Tag) and H2-Tag (which will be in 1st/2nd paragraph of each content) for all the content pages?

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Without having to heavily modify the theme itself the most direct approach to solving your problem to have a better Yoast score would be to install and use the Meta Tag module in Drupal 8.

It sets many typical metatags in the head portion of every HTML page Drupal renders for visitors. If you need a custom meta tag for h1 focus word or h2 related items, I'm sure the metatag API supports creating your own metatags that can make use of Tokens.

Either use pre-existing Drupal 8 tokens provided by the Token module, or use the API provided by the Token to programmatically create tokens specific to your site that implement the functionality you need for a focus word or an H2 related token. This of course requires some PHP and web development experience, or hiring a web developer.


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