I have a responsive image field inside two different paragraph types. I am on Drupal 8.3.7. I want to theme the module in one paragraph type but not the other. I want to render a modified version of this code :


I tried putting my modified code inside responsive-image--field_my_resp_image.html.twig but it is not being used. I can't seem to find the correct filename for a theming a responsive image from a specific paragraph type. Any ideas?

My goal is to render embedded CSS for a background image instead of the HTML picture element that responsive images uses. Is there a better method than what I'm attempting above?

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I found a solution, but I'm honestly not happy with it. I can use 'responsive_image_style_id' to identify this responsive image. The problem with this approach is that it relies on specific keywords ('_style') in 'responsive_image_style_id' and if a site admin changes that, it will break :

function paia_theme_suggestions_responsive_image_alter(&$suggestions, $vars, $hook) {

  $newHook = str_replace('_style', '', $vars['responsive_image_style_id']);

  if ($newHook != $vars['responsive_image_style_id']) {
    $suggestions[] = $hook . '__' . $newHook;

It seems I am using entirely the wrong approach for this, and I should probably be rolling my own module or something totally different. But I have a deadline to meet and I need to move on.

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