A date field in views allows you to show a start date and/or an end date. If the end date is optional, and not filled out by the user, views doesn't show a blank field if it is empty-it's show the start date for some reason.

This issue is similar to How can I rewrite a date field "End Date" to be "present" if no value is entered?

I have tried messing around with the code in the above issue to meet my needs but it's not working.

I have views php installed and I need to add php code to show the field label and date but leave the date portion as blank, if empty. e.g. End Date: 2017-09-20 or if empty End Date:

These are my available variables

$row->field_start_date: Content: Position start/end date (Set to display only start date)

$row->field_start_date_1: Content: Position start/end date (Set to display only end date)

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To answer my own question:

I used the Views Conditional module and set it up as follows:

enter image description here

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