Drupal 8 distinguishes between "customized" and "non-customized" translations.

A customized translation is a translation that has been imported from a module and then changed at /admin/config/regional/translate.

So, if I edit a translation that has been imported, it becomes customized.

What if I edited many translations, but then changed my mind and wanted to restore them to the default?

How can I revert a customized string into the original non-customized one? (And is it possible to do this to strings in batches?)

  • I would locate the string in the database table locales_target and set customized to 0. Then the next time you update the translations it will be restored to default.
    – 4uk4
    Commented Sep 21, 2017 at 12:06

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Based on 4k4's suggestion, I was able to do this with SQL:

drush sqlq < "UPDATE mydb.locales_target SET customized = 0 WHERE customized = 1;"

Warning: This will unset the customized flag for all strings on your site, but leave the customized translations in place. This is what I wanted, but make sure it's what you want too before running the command. Always make a backup, etc.

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