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I'm learning to create custom modules in Drupal 8, and in this context I bought a book. Somewhere in the book they told me to do something using hooks, but I have never used hooks before, and I even don't know what they are. So I looked it up on Google and find out that they are being used to extend and modify Drupal's functionality, but I still have a question: How do they function and how do I use them?

I say thanks to all answers :)

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Hooks are functions that we use in our custom module's *.module file. By using those functions we can hook our code snippet to drupal core functions. For example -

hook_block_view_alter() will alter the block.

You can know more about the particular hook by looking them up in api.drupal.org

By the way, hooks are going to deprecate in upcoming drupal versions. Therefore, from drupal 8 onwards we are using OOP approach to develop custom module.

Hope my explaination helps.

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