How do I combine two fields using the Views Global: Combine Fields Filter using an "Or" statement? For example, if my filter combines Field A and Field B and my content is has Field A->Option A, Field B-> option C, it would show up when my filter is set to A OR C.

Desired results:

Field A - Option A - Option B - Option C

Field B - Option A - Option B - Option C

Combined Filter select Menu: Option A Expected result, content shows.

The default behavior seems to require that value is present in both field not either.

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This was accomplished using Operator "CONTAINS" vs default "IS EQUAL TO"

I set a custom group and inputted values manually and had the operator set to contains, so for example if I select "Option A" in my filter and piece of content with either field a or field b with "option a" selected would show up.

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