I have a Drupal 7 site and a Facebook page. I have created a tab on the Facebook page which should allow me to display a page from my Drupal site within the tab. On Microsoft Edge I get a warning saying that the site doesn't allow iframes, on all other browsers I have tried nothing displays at all.

I have enabled Security Kit, disabled X-XSS-Protection, allowed cross-site request from https://facebook.com and disabled X-Frame-Options.

I enabled the iFrame entity module and allowed nodes to be iFramed.

And I have put $conf['x_frame_options'] = ''; in my settings.php.

I still am unable to display a node from my site on an iframe.

How do I get around this?



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I put this towards the end of settings.php (Drupal 7). It worked for me:

$conf['x_frame_options'] = 'ALLOW-FROM .facebook.com';

(I also use SSL/https (Let's Encrypt) on this site.)

x_frame_options don't allow for multiple values, i think. So 'allow-from domain.com' might disallow SAMEORIGIN. From this post it looks like the module Security Kit allow for setting Allow-From dynamically based on the current page request. I haven't tested it myself.

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