How do I add a custom region in the bootstrap theme using Drupal 8?

I have installed a Bootstrap theme and now I want to add a custom region before the Header region. What should I add in the theme .info file? How do I render it in the page template?

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  1. In your sub-theme's .info.yml file add the new region alongside the existing ones, e.g.

      header: Header
      content: Content
      sidebar_first: 'Sidebar first'
      footer: Footer
      custom_region: 'Custom region'
  2. Then in your page.html.twig file render it like so:

    {{ page.custom_region }}
  3. Visit the Block layout admin page and assign some blocks to the region so it displays on the page.

  • Exactly, sir, it's working finally. Sep 27, 2017 at 7:44

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