I would like to import 3 different row values into a multiple text formatted long field.

This is my migrate (plus) map yml:

    plugin: get
    - dataValueA
    - dataValueB
    - dataValueC

The data is being migrated but the main problem is that the format property is not being filled so the HTML content is not interpreted. I don't figure out how to set the format to full_html for all fields.

I've seen that for just one field I should use something like:

'body/value': example_matched_field


But it doesn't seem to work with multiple values.


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There is a plugin named iterator which allows iterate a list of associative fields to a compound field. Example: field_formatted: plugin: iterator source: - fieldA - fieldB process: value: value format: plugin: default_value default_value: 'full_html'

In this case the fields should have this structure [ 'fieldA' => [ 'value' => 'Chicken', ], ]

Can you fields you adapt your source fields to use iterator plugin in this way?


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