I have region--footer-sustain.html.twig which is expressed in templates via {{page['footer_sustain']}}.

Client wants some content moved into the CMS so I added to theme_info.yml these regions:

sustain_footer_left : 'Sustain Footer Left Col' sustain_footer_middle : 'Sustain Footer Middle Col' sustain_footer_right : 'Sustain Footer Right Col'

I added the HTML to new Custom Blocks and assigned the blocks to the regions in the same way I have all over the site but no output was expressed.

I tried {{page['sustain_footer_left']}} and spitballing tried {{region['sustain_footer_middle']}} and later {{sustain_footer_right}}

After reading Place block region in node template I tried editing theme.theme with the following:

function theme_add_regions_to_node($allowed_regions, &$variables) {
  // Retrieve active theme
  $theme = \Drupal::theme()->getActiveTheme()->getName();

  // Retrieve theme regions
  $available_regions = system_region_list($theme, 'REGIONS_ALL');

  // Validate allowed regions with available regions
  $regions = array_intersect(array_keys($available_regions), $allowed_regions);

  // For each region
  foreach ($regions as $key => $region) {

    // Load region blocks
    $blocks = entity_load_multiple_by_properties('block', array('theme' => $theme, 'region' => $region));

    // Sort ‘em
    uasort($blocks, 'Drupal\block\Entity\Block::sort');

    // Capture viewable blocks and their settings to $build
    $build = array();
    foreach ($blocks as $key => $block) {
      if ($block->access('view')) {
        $build[$key] = entity_view($block, 'block');

    // Add build to region
    $variables[$region] = $build;

And then called it like so:

function theme_preprocess_node(&$variables) {  
  $view_mode = $variables['view_mode']; // Retrieve view mode
  $allowed_view_modes = array('full'); // Array of allowed view modes (for performance so as to not execute on unneeded nodes)

  // If view mode is in allowed view modes list, pass to THEME_add_regions_to_node()
  if(in_array($view_mode, $allowed_view_modes)) {
    // Allowed regions (for performance so as to not execute for unneeded region)
    $allowed_regions = array('sustain_footer_left','sustain_footer_middle','sustain_footer_right');
    theme_add_regions_to_node($allowed_regions, $variables);

Also tried commenting out the if(in_array()) as a test. Also tried doing same in theme_preprocess_page().


Also tried

  $variables['sustain_footer_right'] = entity_load('block_content', 'sustainfooterrightcolumn')->getPlugin()->build(); 
 $block = \Drupal\block_content\Entity\BlockContent::load('sustainfooterrightcolumn');
 // $variables['sustain_footer_right'] = \Drupal::entityTypeManager()->getViewBuilder('block_content')->view($block);

And also tried

 $custom_block = \Drupal::entityTypeManager()->getStorage('block_content')->load('96');
 $variables['sustain_footer_right'] = $custom_block->field_myfield->value;


  $block = \Drupal\block\Entity\Block::load('sustainfooterrightcolumn');
  if ($block) {
  $variables['sustain_footer_right'] = \Drupal::entityManager()
  } else {
    $variables['sustain_footer_right'] = 'x';

Also in twig tried all of these, and yes, cleared cache every time.

{{sustain_footer_right}} {{page.sustain_footer_right}} {{page['sustain_footer_right']}}

I get no errors but also no output. How do I get the content of these blocks to be expressed in region--footer-sustain.html.twig ?


Adding a new region to output blocks in does not require a whole lot of code other than the yaml definition you already have. From there, you just need to render the region in the page template:

{% if page.sustain_footer_right %}
  {{ page.sustain_footer_right }}
{% endif %}

If you make a custom region twig file, it needs to render also:

<div class="container">
  {{ content }}

Based on your region name, the twig template should be region--sustain-footer-right.html.twig.

This is all that is needed to render blocks in new regions. I would say eliminate all the custom code and starting from there.

  • Thank you- So originally I had functional region--footer-sustain.html.twig which is expressed in templates via {{page['footer_sustain']}}. I need to make region--sustain-footer-right.html.twig and render in region--footer-sustain.html.twig via {{ page.sustain_footer_right }} ? Sep 28 '17 at 15:59
  • 1
    Yes it should be dot notation. But, you don't even need the custom region template - the system will use region.html.twig provided by core base theme.
    – Kevin
    Sep 28 '17 at 16:00

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