i'm using drupal 7. I have created a content type called Title and content navigation.

I have setup a template override in /sites/all/themes/themename/templates/views/title-and-content-navigation/block/views-view-fields--title-and-content-navigation.tpl.php which works correctly for all of the displays which are blocks.

I have one of the displays for this view which has a machine readable name of block_8. I am trying to have a separate template file for this but I cannot work out what I need to name the file. I have tried many suggestions from SO and I can't get this to work. I have been flushing all caches. What to name the template files is very confusing.

Thanks in advance

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Click on "Theme: Information" under "Advanced" on the right hand side of the View edit page.

All the available template suggestions for the View and its displays are listed in the resulting modal.

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