I have site that needs to import a CSV of hundreds of locations to be displayed on a GMap. I have set up an importer in the Feeds module that successfully imports a CSV containing Title, address, longitude and latitude. The properties all appear on my GMap view correctly.

Now, I would also like to assign different colored markers for various location types that I am importing. I have my content type properly set up with a GMap Marker Field (if I manually assign a Marker to each node they appear with the correct markers on my map view). However, on my Feed importer Mapping page, the GMap Marker field is not appearing as a target option in the dropdown list.

How can I get the GMap Marker field to appear as a target option in the feeds importer?

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Mapping targets for fields are not automatically available. For each field, a Feeds target must be written. Feeds targets for fields provided by Drupal core should be provided by Feeds itself, but Feeds targets for fields provided by a contrib module, should be provided by that contrib module.

You can do the following:

  1. Open an issue in the GMap issue queue and request a mapper for the GMap Marker field.

  2. Implement the Feeds target yourself. For documentation, see https://www.drupal.org/docs/7/modules/feeds/the-developers-guide-to-feeds/the-developers-guide-to-feeds#mappingapi. While the process explained there still works, the documentation is slightly outdated. The recommended way of adding a target now is to use the hook hook_feeds_processor_targets() instead of hook_feeds_processor_targets_alter(). Also in the target callback, the language of the target can be found in $mapping['language']. See feeds.api.php for more information.

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