My articles currently have a text field Note, but I would like to get rid of it. Instead, I want these notes to be added as a comment on the article. Therefore, I have created a Rule with the following logic: if the article has a non-empty field Note, then create a new comment with a body equal to Note, set the article's author as the comment's author and set the comment's creation date as the article's creation date; also remove the text inside Note.

That works fine. However, the new comment shows up last in the comment list, instead of first. Apparently, Drupal does not order comments based on their creation date, but computes a thread value and uses this for ordering. Therefore, I am wondering whether one can recompute these threads (based on the comments' creation dates) after all Note fields have been converted into comments. All comments on my site have a node as their parent, because replying on other comments is currently disabled.

I am aware of the following alternative approach: create a View with all the article's comments and order them on their creation date; use this View instead of the default comments list. However, creating yet another View seems to overcomplicate things.

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