I am attempting to use a pre-configured instance of a plugin. The plugin is of type @CommercePaymentGateway.

I am currently trying to use something like:

/** @var PaymentGatewayManager $manager */
$manager = \Drupal::service('plugin.manager.commerce_payment_gateway');
$manager->getInstance(['module' => 'commerce_paypal']);

But I'm getting the error Error: Call to a member function getInstance() on null. However, using kint(), $manager is clearly an instance of Drupal\commerce_payment\PaymentGatewayManager.

I see what I think is the instance configuration in the config table under commerce_payment.commerce_payment_gateway.paypal_ec. But that paypal_ec part is specific to my site.

How do I get an instance of a plugin?

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It turns out, in my case, I'm asking the wrong question. All that I need is the parent config entity (@bojanz pointed this out in slack), so I was over-complicating the issue:

$gateway = \Drupal::entityTypeManager()
    'plugin' => 'paypal_express_checkout',

This will return an array of gateways, get a specific one:

// Get the first one
$plugin = reset($gateway);
$plugin = $plugin->getPlugin();

Now you have the $plugin to be used elsewhere.

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