Given the following element in my webform, how do I print Name: Fred in my email?

Title   Key   Value
Name    name  Fred

I understand how to print the raw value. How do I print the title?

[?]: [webform_submission:values:name:raw]

An admin may change the element's title, so I can't have Name: [webform_submission:values:name:raw].

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Accessing a webform's element properties including #title, #description via tokens is not currently supported. I am not sure the core Webform module should provide these tokens, but a third-party module can easily make these tokens available.

  • Yes, for Drupal 8.
    – dbj44
    Commented Oct 4, 2017 at 14:13

You can now use a Twig template. I have an if statement so that the label and colon are omitted if the element is left empty.

{% if data.name %}
  {{ elements.name['#title'] }}: {{ data.name }}
{% endif %}

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