Example I have webform at http://www.example.com/webform. Once I submit the form it will redirect to confirmation page which is http://www.example.com/node/8/done?sid=18&token=ggffdgdf7g8df7g89d7fg98df77

May I how to get this token value from database? I had tried md5() for submitted time, but the value is not the same.

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I found the answer in the webform.module file:

 * Return the access token for a submission.
 * @param object $submission
 *   The submission object.
 * @return string
 *   The access token for the submission.
function webform_get_submission_access_token($submission) {
  return md5($submission->submitted . $submission->sid . drupal_get_private_key());

So it's an MD5 hash of a concatenation of the submission date, submission ID and a random private key, set by the webform module.

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