1. I have a view, it has 4 different blocks.
  2. I wanted to have one page that would include those 4 view blocks.
  3. So I created custom Panels page, added views.

Problem I ran into is that for some reason Panels shows all 4 view blocks inside one view instance, so views content from different views blocks are all smashed into views row inside same one view.

I expected it would show view blocks as separate blocks in their own separate containers, so I could wrap them up and give each view different title, but now all of them are smashed into one view and I don't understand why.

4 separate view blocks in the panels layout (so should render in separate wrappers/containers each?): enter image description here

Under view-content from multiple views blocks, the content is all smashed into each view-row that fall under one same wrapper. Why are they not separate? Why each view block doesn't have separate container/view? Why all of them fall under view-display-id-block_2? Block_2 is just one of the view blocks of that same view, it also has block_3 and block_4, why and how all of them fall inside block_2?

enter image description here

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    Are you using content panes instead of blocks inside the view? You have to enable that as an extra module I think. – Niall Murphy Oct 6 '17 at 19:12
  • @NiallMurphy Can you post this as answer, because that's exactly what I needed, to use Content pane inside Views and not Block – user3108268 Oct 6 '17 at 19:36
  • I can't really post it as a useful answer without some extra details.. And I'm lazy. I'm glad it worked out and these comments will be here for anyone in the future. You can post it as a self-answer if you like so it's closed properly. – Niall Murphy Oct 6 '17 at 19:42

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