When I upload images using a Drupal content uploader, multiple image files are created. I now prefer to simply ftp an image directly to the server and it seem to work fine.

At present Im tidying my old image files deleting superfluous ones, but I am unsure whether Drupal requires all of them? Why does Drupal create multiple image files, and is it OK to delete all except one (per image) of them?

  • What are the additional files that are being created? Are they all the same name, size, and type? – Patrick Kenny Oct 7 '17 at 15:21

Drupal creates a lot of image files because they used in image styles. You can check them here admin/config/media/image-styles.

So Drupal uses different images when showing image on page. You can also output necessary image file with 'image_style' theme hook or directly load necesary image url or path with image_style_url() and 'image_style_path()`

You can find more info on drupal org

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