So I have created a form for user's to store some documentation about a node they have created but I do not want this documentation to be shown on the node's main page. I would like the main page to have a link to either view or edit the form.

Now as far as I can tell there is no way to create a field that doesn't show up directly on the node create or viewing pages (this seems like it would be a misuse of a field anyway). Is there anyway that I could store what the user enters in this documentation form as part of the content without it being displayed on the node page or would I have to create a database table that associates a nid with the documentation string? Also, my form allows for use of filtered html in the form, will this be preserved if I store the filtered html as a string in the database?


if you want a field not to show up on the node page you can either

  1. hide it in display options: Structure -> Manage display (in front of the corresponding content type) -> Format -> Hidden

  2. Hide it in the template file by calling

    hide($content['YOUR FIELD NAME']);

The first option makes more sense in my opinion.

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