I want to use the same URL alias for all nodes regardless of language.

On my site, the primary language is English. Translation is enabled for nodes of type basic page.

At /admin/config/regional/content-language, content translation is enabled for the Title and Body fields.

With this configuration, on the node edit page, it shows "URL alias (all languages"). I set a URL alias manually for each English node.

However, when I add a translation in another language, even though I see my alias on the translation edit page, this alias is not applied for that language. In other words, if the alias is myfolder/mypage in English, if I go to the Japanese translation at /ja/myfolder/mypage, I get a "page not found" error. Instead, the page is available at /node/5 or whatever the NID is. But, on the "edit node" page for the Japanese translation, it does show the English alias with the text "all languages."


I can go to /admin/config/regional/content-language and enable translation of URL alias and then manually set each additional language alias to the English alias, but this seems like a lot of extra work to keep the same alias.


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As pointed out by @Rockabelly, this is a bug with Drupal core. For now, there is a patch to fix the issue.


The Neutral Paths module should work in this situation. From the project page:

A module for multi-language web sites, allowing users to access content in languages other than the current one by using path aliases.


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