I have this code which gives me the number of terms on a node

 $count = count($node->taxonomy)

Is there a way i can restrict this to VID. i only want to get the count for a specific vocabulary.

Oh yeah the site is in D5

here is a link to the page http://national.thedelimagazine.com/8947/delis-austin-issue-2012-pdf-version-available


I don't have a D5 system handy, but this would do it in D6:

foreach ($node->taxonomy as $t) {
  if ($t->vid==VID_IN_QUESTION) {

and it "should" be the same in D5, but I've said that a lot about D7 and D6 :) If not,

drupal_set_message('<pre>' . print_r($node->taxonomy,true) . '</pre>');

should give you the object information you need to modify above to count. If that doesn't work,

$foo=taxonomy_node_get_terms_by_vocabulary($nid, $vid);

certainly is a roundabout way of getting them if you already have the node loaded.

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