I like core D7 form builder. I've made complex form (node type), grouped with vertical tabs, with several storage types - texts, numbers, links, computed fields, radio buttons. But I need to do some alternation and AJAX hiding dependent of user acting. Building form from scratch in custom module seems to be time-consuming. In fact as result I will get same form with some AJAX addition.

Is there a simple copy/paste way to extract node form code to custom module? Or maybe I don't have to create all form in my custom module just make some alternation? But how to get elements for alternation?

Exclamation: When I'm looking on created node I can see devel and I can get what I want. But now I don't have any created node of my_type and I don't want to create one, because doing so blocks changing some field types or its controls. I know, that I can create one example node of my_type and delete it later, but maybe this is wasting time solution?


With devel module




in callback function shows beautiful array ready to use.


It seems that schema module is what I was looking for.

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