I want to implement the solution on this link Alter cart unit price and total amount. I want to use dpm on devel to look for available fields on line items but I doesnt show on.

Code that I used: function mymodule_commerce_cart_order_refresh($order_wrapper) { dpm($order_wrapper); }

function mymodule_calculate_product_price_cart($order) { dpm($order); }

Both of these doesnt show the devel on the page.

  1. Make sure that Commerce cart context is loading in the particular page you wanted to dpm/dsm for function hook_commerce_cart_order_refresh($order_wrapper) &

  2. And where you declared this function mymodule_calculate_product_price_cart($order) { dpm($order); } can you brief this for more clarity.

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  • Basically I want to alter the total price amount after adding the product to cart or maybe when they visit the checkout page since I have a redirect to checkout after adding product to cart. – Oltus West Oct 18 '17 at 0:34
  • Hi, For altering the price based on users/ or on different condition. One way using Rules module and try to write a class based on commerce_price/resolver. Here is the reference it will definitely help you, pls follow this: modify product price. – Harish Bompally Oct 24 '17 at 5:35

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