I would like to import some taxonomy terms with a taxonomy term in it. field_regio2 is a entityreference field to an existing taxonomy term Regio. But for some reason it is not working. Everything is working except the field_regio2.

$ drush mmsg import_gemeentes gives:

the entity_lookup plugin requires a value_key, none located


uuid: 7eef6b86-80db-40ab-8359-91d20675e0f2
langcode: en
status: true
dependencies: {  }
id: import_gemeentes
class: null
field_plugin_method: null
cck_plugin_method: null
migration_tags: null
migration_group: migrated_terms
label: 'Migrate gemeentes from the source CSV to taxonomy terms'
  plugin: csv
  path: 'public://gemeentes.csv'
  header_row_count: 1
    - id
      id: id
      vid: vid
      name: name
      field_stratenplan_luchtfoto_refe: field_stratenplan_luchtfoto_refe
      rid: rid
      rid22: rid2
    plugin: default_value
    default_value: gemeente
  name: name
  field_stratenplan_luchtfoto_refe: field_stratenplan_luchtfoto_refe
  field_regio: rid
    plugin: entity_generate
    source: rid22
  plugin: 'entity:taxonomy_term'
migration_dependencies: null

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  • I have resolved the problem myself. For vid it is better to use the default_value plugin . I have updated the code, if someone needs it. First, I added an extra column in the CSV file vid = gemeente, but that is not working. – user3086053 Oct 19 '17 at 7:25

The syntax for entity_generate is:

    plugin: entity_generate
    source: rid22
    entity_type: taxonomy_term
    # This is where migration breaks. It need to know which key to look for.
    value_key: name
    bundle_key: vid

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