I have a Drupal 8 local development environment running with Docker. I can use drush (use drush cr, drush cex -y etc) after I login with ssh in docker.

  • I make some configuration changes in my Drupal admin. After that I want to export them to my config sync directory configuration/base (which is tracked by Git)
  • I use drush cex -y to export my configuration. I get the message: Configuration successfully exported to configuration/base

But after a git status I don't see any changed files? Also when I look at my yml-files in my local git repo (in configuration/base), I don't my changed configuration? But when I look in the shell (from where I also use drush), I see my changed yml-files. But there my local git repo isn't tracking those files.

So what do I have to do, after I do a drush cex -y, to get my changed exported configuration visible in my local git repo?

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