In my code, I am using rules_invoke_component() to invoke a Rules Component.

On that Rules Component, have 2 variables.

  1. Parameter
  2. Provided

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I am successfully able to invoke the Rule and send the Parameter Variable to it (In this case it was $node). But I am just confused on how to get the value of the Provided Variable.

enter image description here

Is that possible?


From the "Tiny book of Rules":

Invoking components programmatically 

Rules components are handy tools for allowing site builders to customize their own actions and 
conditions. If you are writing a module that allows site builders to set custom conditions (or 
actions), you can let them set these up as Rules components and then evaluate selected components 
programmatically. This works in a way analogous to invoking events, by using 
rules _invoke_component() . 

The first argument is the (machine) name of the component, and any subsequent arguments are 
variables sent to the component. 

// Included somewhere in your custom module. 

$component name = $settings [' rules component name']; 

// Any variables provided from the component are returned from its evaluation. 

$result = rules _invoke_component ( $component_name, $var 1, $var 2 ) ; 

So the last 2 lines in the quote above should answer your question.

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