I have been using a content type Article with an Image field to allow users to upload images. I have decided that I want to use media image entities instead because the images will be re-used on multiple nodes, so it would be better to use a module like Entity Browser to allow admins to pick the images they want to use.

Following this tutorial, I set up Media Entity, Media Entity Image, Embed, and Embed Entity on my site. I can now add entities from the /media/add/image page.

But, with using this set of modules, the workflow has changed.

Image field on content type workflow

  1. User uploads images in the field when creating a node.

Media entity image + content type/embed workflow

  1. User uploads images.
  2. User creates a node.
  3. User embeds the images on the node.

So actually this new workflow has more steps than the old one. Is there a way to "embed" creation of media entities as if it was just an image field attached to the content type?

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Sounds like exactly the use case Inline Entity Form was built for:

Provides a widget for inline management (creation, modification, removal) of referenced entities.

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