I'm writing a custom cache clearing module for blocks.

At the moment, I can delete cache for one user and their multiple languages.

$uid = 7094;
$module = 'custom_home_panes';
$block = 'custom_home_panes_news_group';
$theme = 'framework';
$table = 'cache_block';

$cid_start = $module . ':' . $block . ':' . $theme . ':';
// Wildcard in middle for language code
$cid_end = ':u.' . $uid;

$delete = db_delete('cache_block')
  ->condition('cid', db_like($cid_start) . '%%' . db_like($cid_end), 'LIKE')

But I'll need to do this for an array of UIDs and I believe I need to use IN like the snippet below..

->condition('uid', array(1,5,7),'IN')

I thought I could add what I did to an array and got this far.. The LIKE is really confusing me here and I think I'm going about it the wrong way.

foreach ($uids as $uid) {
    $queries[] = db_like($module . ':' . $block . ':' . $theme . ':') . '%%' . db_like(':u.' . $uid), 'LIKE';

The end result should be a query that removes records such as the ones below.


Any help appreciated.. My SQL skills are abysmal. Thanks!


You can't combine LIKE and IN in the way you are attempting.

You will need a run a different query for each UID.


$cid_base_pattern = db_like($module) . ':' . db_like($block) . ':' . db_like($theme) . ':%:u.';

foreach ($uids as $uid) {
      ->condition('cid', $cid_base_pattern . $uid, 'LIKE')

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