Can anyone help me to narrow down a list of third party video services that i can offload the conversion and serving up of my private videos?

Requirements are:

  1. Already have a Drupal 6 module that integrates the api (Also has a D7 future)
  2. Must allow the video to only be viewed on my Drupal site. Not on their site (e.g. not viewable on YouTube)
  3. HTML 5/Flash fall back (would be nice, but not necessary.

Try these:

with Video module

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youtube has an option for "private videos", they won't show up on the youtube site but you can still embed them in your site. Not a slick solution but it's free ;-)

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  • changing a video to private allows the video to be embedded, but it doesn't play. Only shows "Video is Private" – user842 Apr 20 '11 at 4:06
  • There is also a "public but hidden" setting for youtube videos. The video is public, meaning it can be embedded, but does not appear in searches or any lists. So the only way to see it is via your remote embed. – Blake Senftner Apr 21 '11 at 16:22

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