We have a central code base (Git repo). From this code base we deployed several websites already.

  • Till now we used features. The websites which are already in production they have a filled database with a lot of content.
  • From now we switch over to drupal 8 Configuration management.

In the central code base we have set $config_directories[CONFIG_SYNC_DIRECTORY] = 'config/base';. This directory contains all the configuration, from where we deploy our new added configuration, after a drush cex -y.

But after I do:

  1. first a new install off the site with Configuration installer module and import all the existing configuration, everything works fine. I can import and export configuration without problems
  2. but then I have to copy the production database (from the site which is already in production) back into this database. After that I am not able to import configuration anymore.

But I need to copy this database back in, because we need all the content from the existing site (which was based on Features)

I get an error the UUID is not matching etc... Is it possible what I want? And how do I get it working?

(I tried already manually copy/paste the correct uuid: in system.site.yml, but it still didn't work).

Update: I use docker for my local Drupal 8 environment

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Basically you need to make sure both sites share the same UUID.

Do you have drush? If so:

In the shell of your old site (copying from) get the UUID

drush cget system.site uuid

(You'll get something like 'system.site:uuid': bfb11978-d1a3-4eda-91fb-45decf134e25 - copy the value)

Then in the shell of your new site (copying to) set the UUID

drush cset system.site uuid <your_uuid>

EG: drush cset system.site uuid bfb11978-d1a3-4eda-91fb-45decf134e25

Then if you get an error something like "placeholder ... These entities need to be deleted before importing." run this command:

drush ev '\Drupal::entityManager()->getStorage("shortcut_set")->load("default")->delete();'

After all that, drush cim sync -y should allow you to sync the settings between your environments.


  • Thanks. yes indeed I get "placeholder ..." errors afterwards. But the whole thing is I need those entities (Content types etc). Let's say like you suggest to delete those entities, how do I get them back again?
    – meez
    Oct 24, 2017 at 5:33
  • do you have any idea or suggestion?
    – meez
    Oct 25, 2017 at 19:22
  • 1
    @100pic Many thanks! Very helpful, I was stuck with this for a while.
    – ymdahi
    Aug 1, 2019 at 18:03

An easy approach you can do is the uuid of the site will be available in config/sync/system.site.yml file. So in your terminal you can use cat (Linux) or type (Windows) to get the uuid displayed in terminal.

cat config/sync/system.site.yml | grep uuid


// using console
drupal config:override "system.site" uuid "<new-uuid>"
// OR, using drush 
drush config-set "system.site" uuid "<new-uuid>"

If you get the shortcut set place holder error

// using console
drupal entity:delete shortcut_set default
// OR, using drush 
drush ev '\Drupal::entityManager()->getStorage("shortcut_set")->load("default")->delete();'

Then, drush cim OR drupal ci

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