I try to list all fields where a paragraph type is referenced (to find all contents which have paragraphs of a specific type).

My problem: I do a EntityQuery on field_config entity type to find the fields. But, the condition on which paragraph_type are targeted doesn't work correctly and return all fields which can content a paragraph disregarding the type.

Here my code:

// Recover my paragraph_type selected in my form.
$paragraph_type = $form_state->getValue('paragraph_type');

// List all field_config which referred this paragraph_type.
$query = \Drupal::entityQuery('field_config')
  ->condition('field_type', 'entity_reference_revisions')
  ->condition('settings.handler', 'default:paragraph')
  ->condition('settings.handler_settings.target_bundles', $paragraph_type, 'IN');

$field_config = $query->execute();

For exemple, I have a paragraph type "press_release_about" which can be add only in press release in a specific field. But for this paragraph (and all others), it's all fields which can contains a paragraph in the system which are returned.

When I inspect a field_config which referred paragraph, I can see that settings.handler_settings.target_bundles is an array of the paragraph types which can be add with this field. The format is:

[settings:protected] => Array
        [handler] => 'default:paragraph'
        [handler_settings] => Array
                [target_bundles] => Array
                        [1col_text] => 1col_text
                        [1col_image] => 1col_image
                        [1col_quote] => 1col_quote
                        [1_col_graphique] => 1_col_graphique
                        [2_cols_texte_media] => 2_cols_texte_media
                        [2_cols_texte_graphique] => 2_cols_texte_graphique
                        [2_cols_text] => 2_cols_text

If I remove the condition ->condition('settings.handler_settings.target_bundles', $paragraph_type, 'IN'), this change nothing. And if I change the INby NOT IN, I have no result.

I don't know if I don't write my condition correctly or if my error is elsewhere.


try to use an array instead of the value of $paragraph_type.

that would be like this :

->condition('settings.handler_settings.target_bundles', [$paragraph_type], 'IN')

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