I am loading multiple node ids like below

$node_storage = \Drupal::entityTypeManager()->getStorage('user')->loadMultiple($nids);
foreach ($node_storage as $node){
  $value = $node->get('field_merchant_id')->value;

After this, I am getting an object and I don't know how to access my values. I have used get('field_name')->value but its saying Error: Call to a member function get() on array. How can I get an array that contains all values of one specific column from all nodes?

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You should do like

$node_storage = \Drupal::entityTypeManager()->getStorage('node')->loadMultiple($nids);
foreach ($node_storage as $node){
   $field_merchant_id = $node->get('field_merchant_id')->value;

Here you are using "user" which should be replaced by "node" to access node values. And also to access "field_merchant_id", you need to get that from $node.

  • This is actually what I had done and got that error, sorry about that mistake, i have edited my question Oct 26, 2017 at 12:07
  • Try like above code. It should work and just pass $nids as node id's
    – Ajay Reddy
    Oct 26, 2017 at 12:41

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