I'm new to Drupal and I am doing some module development for a Drupal 7 install. I've done development outside of Drupal and normally its best to always sanitize user input. I've seen different opinions of the matter but from what I have picked up is dont use form_state['input'] but what about form_state['storage'] or form_state['value']. I'm seeing some people say the API does the sanitizing and others say always sanitize. Can anyone explain to be best practice?


The values in $form_state['values'] are all sanitized.

The values in $form_state['input'] are the raw unsanitized form values.

$form_state['storage'] is usually only used on multistep forms to keep data for other form steps.

Where possible always use the values from $form_state['values'].

See this post for more information: Avoid using data from $form_state['input']

To quote that linked article:

The Form API's drupal_validate_form() and _form_validate() functions take care of populating a safe set of data in $form_state['values'], using sanitized data from $form_state['input'].

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