I feel like I have tried messing with every setting I can find but I simple cannot make my search_api search view return any results based on taxonomy names.

I want to be able to search based on a custom taxonomy and search on the fulltext field of the name.

  • I am using the built in database.
  • I have added the taxonomy term database sources.
  • I have added a relationship for the taxonomy term on my custom views
  • In the fulltext search on the view the taxonomy name field is selected to be searched
  • In the index I have added the custom taxonomy I want included.
  • I have set it to fulltext and boosted in to 5.0

What else am I suppose to do?

Does anyone know of any guide or any information that explains how to make this work? It has been a month I still cannot get this module to return content that has associated taxonomy terms.

Is there any modules that do this? It should be a standard use case...

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I went through the same case, reinstall the search and entity modules. And try to install search_api using Database Search Default module and after installation, uninstall the database search Default module. Boost taxonomy name to 8 or 13. Then it should work.


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