Looking to make request using the jsonapi module to GET all urls that point to the images optimized version of the image.

If I use the Drupal front-end with Twig and view my page and inspect the images on the page I get something like this


If I make a request to my api endpoint and drill down to the image field it does not have the included image style url. ```

"data": {
    "type": "file--file",
    "id": "b74b73fb-19fd-48a2-ac91-8a7aacd7fe18",
    "attributes": {
        "fid": 2,
        "uuid": "b74b73fb-19fd-48a2-ac91-8a7aacd7fe18",
        "langcode": "en",
        "filename": "MYIMAGE.png",
        "uri": "public://promo-backgrounds/MYIMAGE.png",
        "filemime": "image/png",
        "filesize": 37624,
        "status": true,
        "created": 1508723420,
        "changed": 1508723610,
        "url": "/sites/default/files/promo-backgrounds/MYIMAGE.png"
    "relationships": {
        "uid": {
            "data": {
                "type": "user--user",
                "id": "b044b880-ab4e-495b-b2d1-6a4fe58dc609"
            "links": {
                "self": "http://local.mysite.com/api/file/file/b74b73fb-19fd-48a2-ac91-8a7aacd7fe18/relationships/uid?language=en",
                "related": "http://local.mysite.com/api/file/file/b74b73fb-19fd-48a2-ac91-8a7aacd7fe18/uid?language=en"
    "links": {
        "self": "http://local.mysite.com/api/file/file/b74b73fb-19fd-48a2-ac91-8a7aacd7fe18?language=en"
"links": {
    "self": "http://local.mysite.com/api/file/file/b74b73fb-19fd-48a2-ac91-8a7aacd7fe18?language=en"



How can one get access the image style uri using the jsonapi as my api server?

  • What is the exact answer? Please post
    – Ram_T
    Sep 12, 2018 at 7:54

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I would do it

create file: test_api.info.yml

name: Test API
type: module
description: Custom RESTful API module with GET/POST/PUT/DELETE etc.. method examples.
author: Minnur Yunusov
core: 8.x

create file: test_api.routing.yml

  path: 'my-api/get/{nid}'
  defaults: { _controller: '\Drupal\test_api\Controller\TestAPIController::getpara_example' }
  methods:  [GET]
    _access: 'TRUE'   

create file: /src/Controller/TestAPIController.php


 * @file
 * Contains \Drupal\test_api\Controller\TestAPIController.

namespace Drupal\test_api\Controller;

use Drupal\Core\Controller\ControllerBase;

use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request;
use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\JsonResponse;
use Drupal\user\Entity\User;

 * Controller routines for test_api routes.
class TestAPIController extends ControllerBase {

   * Callback for `my-api/get.json` API method.
  public function getpara_example($nid, Request $request ) {

    //get node;

    //get image uri
    $image =$node->field_image->entity->getFileUri();

    $style = \Drupal::entityTypeManager()->getStorage('image_style')->load('thumbnail');

    $url = $style->buildUrl($image);

    $response['nid'] = $nid;
    $response['uri'] = file_create_url($image);
    $response['image_original'] = file_create_url($image);
    $response['image_style_thumbnail'] =file_create_url($url);

    return new JsonResponse( $response );


test: url: localhost/drupal8/my-api/get/30 method: get

note: 30 is nid.


  "nid": "30",
  "uri": "public://2017-10/generateImage_1RwT72.png",
  "image_original": "http://jeremiselxi.260mb.net/drupal8/sites/default/files/2017-10/generateImage_1RwT72.png",
  "image_style_thumbnail": "http://jeremiselxi.260mb.net/drupal8/sites/default/files/styles/thumbnail/public/2017-10/generateImage_1RwT72.png?itok=Dzg02oew"
  • 1
    Hey, thanks for your response. Shortly after I posted this I found a module that addresses this issue. drupal.org/project/consumer_image_styles I hope this helps others looking for a solution.
    – TikaL13
    Nov 4, 2017 at 20:00
  • Where should I create those files? Please tell us clearly
    – Ram_T
    Sep 12, 2018 at 7:55
  • these files must be created inside the / modules / test_api folder. Sep 13, 2018 at 17:29

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