I have a search result page created using search api and views. My search result page is based on this tutorial and it seems to work properly,however I need to tweak some field's output value and I used hook_views_pre_render to try to alter the field values however I cant see my fields that I added from the views UI interface on the $view->result array but they are rendered on the page. All I see when I krumo($view->result) is (see attached image)enter image description here.

I seem to only get entity and entity_properties array but not the fields in the array. I need to access the field to make the necessary tweaks like we have in the normal $view->result.

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This is not a specific answer for your situation but I would like to advise you a better way of managing it.

Instead of rendering the views using Fields you can render each row by rendering as Content where you can choose a dedicated View mode which can be easily overridden using the standard template_preprocess_node.

This will bring a lot more flexibility in your Web application.

  • Thanks a million. This was something I was looking for a long time, although I did implement some other way, This will definitely be of use soon. Just FYI i didn't have the rendering option Content but I did have the Rendered entity which could be hooked by preprocess_node for my search api output. Nov 27, 2017 at 12:12

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