I am looking to achieve the next functionality:

I have a content type about fruits, I've added an autocomplete taxonomy field to the content type with the possibility to register new taxonomy.

I would like to achieve some taxonomy depth.

I am using the autocomplete deluxe module

For example, I input in the field apple, fresh, and green.


When I go to the fruits taxonomy vocabulary, I would like to have the taxonomy depth like this.


Instead, I get the following.


Is there a way to achieve this with taxonomy autocomplete field?

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I suggest implementing hook_entity_presave() getting values from taxonomy term reference field. If always the pre-term will be the parent of the current term then loop through the results of the term ids:

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 if ($entity->getEntityTypeId() == 'node') {
    if ($entity->bundle() == 'Machine_Name_content_type') {
    // Get the values from taxonomy term:
    $terms = $entity->get('field_tags')->getValue();
    if (!empty($terms)) {
        foreach($terms as $key => $value) {
            // Exclude the first term because this will be the parent.
            if ($key != '0') {
                // Get the parent of the element.
                $parent = $terms[$key -1];
                // Load the current term.
                $term_loaded= \Drupal\taxonomy\Entity\Term::load($value['target_id']);
                // Set the parent: the term before.
                $term_loaded->parent = ['target_id' => $parent['target_id']];


Hope to help you!

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