I have a shop on my drupal website which we have replaced with an updated squarespace page. I need the drupal page to automatically redirect to the new shop and I can only find a help page from circa '07 which says redirects are in the works... Thanks

  • Which version of Drupal you are using? – Ajay Reddy Nov 6 '17 at 11:39
  • You could do it at the server level or use hook_init(), check the URL and use drupal_goto(). Doing it with nginx or Apache would be best in terms of performance. – Niall Murphy Nov 6 '17 at 19:07

You can use drupal_goto("external-path");


There are different ways to redirect automatically,

1) Web Server, Apache or nginx: in Apache, you can write rewrite rules() this link will help in .htaccess file which you can place in your document root. In nginx you can follow this link

2) Drupal hooks: hook_init or hook_boot, check the page URL using drupal_get_path_alias(current_path()) and use drupal_goto

3) javascript or jquery -> Add js to the respective page which you needs to redirect

Using Jquery: $(location).attr('href',url);

Using javascript: window.location.href="url";

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