I am using Facebook post module which display its "Fb Account connection" generated informations/options in an user/%uid/edit/fb-post page.

I want to display these outputs in a custom panels page, but the module doesn't provide blocks, views, forms, or nothing I see that I could handle inside panels.

Any way to achieve this?


It should be pretty easy to create a block in your own custom module that displays this info. Take a close look at the fb_post_page function in fb_post.admin.inc and you can see what the module uses to output that data on the user/%uid/edit/fb-post page.

I'm not super familiar but it looks like the info you want to display can be gotten by calling theme('fb_post_connect', array('connection_path' => fb_post_get_oauth_url($account, $app_id))); and displaying the result in a block (or even directly in a panel pane)

  • Thank you very much @bleen. As you suggested, I manage this display by creating a block hook in the module file with $block['content'] = fb_post_page($account). Thanks again!
    – Novice
    Nov 16 '17 at 8:46

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