I created a page view to display forms created by the user on his account.

I added a "Submitted by" context filter to this view to filter the user ID of the logged in user.

My problem :

When I disconnect and reload the page, the view is still displayed. How to prevent access to this page if the user does not match the user of the account path ?

enter image description here

enter image description here

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The submitted by is not an access will not do it

I will post all the steps below since I am not sure what you have done (your view is translated in french)

Basically you will have a view of webform submissions with relationship to the user and filter the current user

creating the view

webform submissions view

adding the user relationship

adding the user relationship

adding the current user filter

enter image description here

the finished view with important parts highlighted

webform submissions view

the current logged in user should see ONLY their submissions NOW

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